About Us

LotusCom Company Profile

   Established 8 years ago, privately held Lotus Communication is an award-winning manufacturer of cost-effective access and backhaul solutions for mobile and fixed line carriers, service providers, enterprises, government agencies, transportation systems, and public utilities. Its expertise in international markets, strict adherence to quality standards, environmentally friendly operations and green manufacturing ethos, together with a corporate culture that encourages long-term relationships with customers, channels, suppliers, and employees, combine to make Lotus Communication the perfect partner for all your telecommunications and data communications projects.


The Value Proposition:

For Carriers and Service Providers

              • Deploy new revenue-generating NGN services with guaranteed SLAs over any access infrastructure
              • Lower OpEx by optimizing network resources
              • Protect existing legacy revenue streams by facilitating a smooth migration to new packet switched infrastructure with minimal disruption to existing customers or networks


For Mobile Operators

              • Reduce backhaul costs for 2G, 3G and 3.5G traffic
              • Prepare backhaul networks to support LTE’s high capacity and disruptive network architecture


For Public Utilities and the Energy Sector

               • Transport SCADA, smart metering, PLC, teleprotection, as well as video surveillance, voice, and data over secure and reliable WAN connections
               • Facilitate migration to IP/Ethernet
               • Offer utelco services


For the Transportation Sector

               • Reduce communications costs by handling multiple types of traffic, including control and alarms, multimedia applications, video surveillance, voice, and data over a reliable and integrated network
                • Enable smooth migration to packet switched networks
                • Offer telecom services


 LotusCom’s broad in-house technology base includes:

                 • Network migration and pseudowire
                 • Synchronization and timing over packet
                 • OAM, performance management and QoS
                 • Business DSL
                 • Layer 2 switching
                 • Speech compression
                 • ASIC and FPGA development
                 • System on an SFP


Leading Customers

   LotusCom is a preferred solutions provider for more than 150 carriers around the world, from Tier 1 mobile operators to fixed line incumbents, city carriers, ISPs, and rural service telcos. Customers include the industry’s global leaders, from AT&T to Bell Canada, Bharti Airtel, British Telecom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Embratel, France Telecom/Orange, Hutchison, KDDI, KPN, SingTel, SoftBank, Sprint, Telefónica, Telekom Austria, TeliaSonera, Telstra, Telus, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Vodafone. Beyond its strong ties with telecom providers, LotusCom maintains extensive relationships with enterprise network professionals in the banking, commercial, educational, energy, financial, insurance, and manufacturing sectors.


Fast Facts

                 • Established in 2004, privately held LotusCom is the anchor of the Lotus Communication Group of companies, with revenues of $1 billion in 2011
                 • Lotus Communication maintains 7 offices on six continents, supporting 300 sales channels in 28 countries
                 • Approximately 30 percent of LotusCom’s 210 employees are engaged in R&D
                 • LotusCom has a distinguished record of leadership in industry bodies such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), Broadband Forum, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT), and CELTIC, a EUREKA cluster that is the only European research and development program dedicated to end-to-end telecommunications solutions


First Facts

                 • LotusCom was the originator of Single IP, which enables multiple users to share a common IP address for Internet access
                 • LotusCom’s pioneering TDMoIP® technology, which it introduced to the market over a decade ago, was the forerunner of today’s widely deployed pseudowire solutions
                 • LotusCom was the first vendor to miniaturize an interface converter and pseudowire gateway into an SFP
                 • LotusCom is the first vendor in the industry to win a large-scale deployment of a demarcation device with Sync-E and to demo 1588-2005 in an incumbent carrier’s test lab


About the Lotus Communication Inc. Group

   A unique business philosophy distinguishes the Lotus Communication Inc. Group, which has no holding company but is strategically guided by its founders. Each company in the Lotus Communication Inc. Group operates autonomously under a common strategic umbrella. This decentralized approach maximizes the advantages inherent in small business units, such as flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit and management focus. A new company is established when a market opportunity is identified – requiring a technology, marketing approach or corporate culture that does not exist in any of the other companies.