Business Trunking


LotusCom C5 Business Trunking is a turn-key solution that enables service providers to deliver voice and data services to businesses.
  • Carrier-grade reliability and availability
  • Standard based and scalable
  • Connects VoIP Islands (Business Trunking)
  • Interconnects with existing PBX Systems
  • Conferencing service
  • PSTN Interworking over ISDN or ISUP/SS7

 Expands your services and profit

Connect your business customers’ geographically distinct premises and deliver both voice and data. Then, sit back and watch your profits rise. LotusCom C5 Business enables you to deliver converged services and, as a result, save the costs arising from multiple and redundant infrastructure.

Satisfies your business customers

Offer your business customers a single, unified extension plan and watch them smile. A single extension plan simplifies their work, eliminates mistakes, and saves them time.
Then, point out the rich suite of features. In addition to classic routing features, LotusCom C5 Business offers conferencing, time dependent routing, anonymous routing, and called number manipulation. Direct Dial-in (DDI) enables a user to dial directly from a public network to any PBX internal subscriber.
Finally, remind them that their services are delivered by the one provider. Businesses prefer having services delivered by a single provider because that focuses communication on a single address at a single phone number.

 Saves you OPEX and CAPEX

Do away with the maintenance costs associated with separate voice and data networks and the expenses associated with equipment peering. At the same time, by leveraging your existing infrastructure with standard based, grow-as-you-go LotusCom C5 equipment, you maximize profit and minimize OPEX and CAPEX.

Simplifies system management

Integrated system management puts you in control and saves you OPEX. Plus, it’s all centralized and remote. Manage the entire system from the comfort of an office.

Easy transition to IP Centrex

Once a LotusCom C5 Business solution is in place, the move to IP Centrex is only a small step. The future is now, and we are already there.