Green Building

LotusEnergy  wind turbines were designed to be easily integrated into existing buildings to offset energy use and provide a strong statement about environmental stewardship. On-site wind generation also has the added benefit of encouraging greater energy conservation by employees in the building. That is one of the reasons why leading technology company, Adobe Systems of San Jose, California, installed 20 LotusEnergy  at their LEED Platinum certified headquarters.
Case Studies:
         • Adobe Systems, Inc
What: Purchased 20 LotusEnergy wind turbines
Where: The LotusEnergy  are installed at Adobe’s triple LEED-certified corporate headquarters in San Jose, California.
When: The Adobe LotusEnergy  were installed December 2012.
Why: Purchasing the LotusEnergy  made a clear, visible statement about Adobe’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. As a company that is on the leading edge of technology, the LotusEnergy  cement the company’s environmental leadership. The company is using the turbines to power an electric car charging station in their parking garage and the famous San Jose Semaphor.


         •EcoExpress Car Wash
Small Business Looks for Success with Wind Power
What: A LotusEnergy  wind turbine is now powering the first Eco Express Car Wash in Oklahoma, an eco-friendly car wash that promises to have a smaller environmental impact than traditional car washes. The LotusEnergy  was installed to provide clean energy to the car wash.
In addition to creating their own alternative energy with the LotusEnergy , Eco Express Car Wash uses environmentally friendly chemicals and reclaimed water to wash cars. Solar panels will also be installed at the Oklahoma City car wash, the first of many Eco Express Car Wash locations planned throughout Oklahoma.
Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
When: July 2012
Why: Generate alternative energy and interest for a small business
Testimonial: Eco Express Wash co-owners, Garland Bell and Brad Peak, also expect the 30-foot tall vertical design of the LotusEnergy  wind turbine to attract people to their new business venture. “We think the unique design of the LotusEnergy  spinning out front is going to make people notice our new car wash,” said Bell. “It’s going to generate electricity and business for us.”