Lotus Energy

We can turn art into function. We can turn wind into energy. We can turn thinking into doing. We can turn a machine into a message. We can turn brainpower into electric power.
LotusEnergy. Changing the world…one revolution at a time™.
 Founded in 2012, LotusEnergy, formerly part of Lotus Communication Inc., was established to develop innovative and proprietary new technology that introduces a new standard for style and function to the small wind industry. Founded on the passion and commitment of two inventors, the duo set to work on a new kind of wind turbine. Today, the company is continuing to evolve its product line, focusing on low-cost energy alternative solutions that are smart, noise-free and renewable. The company’s first product to market, the 1.2 kW LotusEnergy wind turbine, was launched on December, 2012.
It is our belief that locally produced clean energy is an idea whose time has come, and LotusEnergy now provide an attractive and affordable wind power option for everybody
Affordable, attractive, and ultra-quiet, LotusEnergy wind turbines give you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 30 feet tall and four feet wide LotusEnergy wind turbines are appropriate for urban, suburban and rural environments. Elegantly engineered, scalable and made in America, LotusEnergy come as a complete system.