LotusCom NetAir 130

Carrier Class, High Capacity Sub-6 GHz Solution Transfer of TDM (up to 16 E1) and IP (up to 100 Mbps) LotusCom NetAir130 is the ultimate solution for operators requiring carrier class, affordable backhaul solutions. Providing 100 Mbps net throughput with long range of up to 120 Km/ 75 miles, LotusCom NetAir130 allows operators to boost capacity to meet the ever growing demand for broadband and expand their networks rapidly and cost effectively. Transferring native TDM (no conversion to IP in the wireless link) and Ethernet over a single wireless link, LotusCom in corporate and advanced technologies such as MIMO and OFDM to ensure unrivalled robustness and resiliency in operation in the sub-6 GHz bands.