LotusCom NetAir 450

Split-Mount, Carrier-Class, Upgradeable Licensed-Band Systems for Medium and High Capacity TDM and Ethernet Backhaul Applications
The NetAir 450® Series GigE split-mount microwave radios are carrier-class, point-to-point systems for the entire 6 to 40 GHz licensed spectrum. Featuring native TDM and native Gigabit Ethernet transport with up to 370 Mbps full-duplex capacity per radio carrier, NetAir 450® Series GigE systems are available with software configurable PDH or SDH/SONET interfaces up to 2xOC-3 and up to 4×10/100/1000 BaseT ports available in the same 1RU IDU. The NetAir 450® Series GigE systems are designed to support any mix of TDM and IP/Ethernet traffic, allowing risk-free network migration for both private and operatornetworks, including 3G to LTE evolution.