LotusWorks® AMS

LotusWorks is a VoIP applications platform and provides revenue-generating voice features for service providers.
AMSLotusWorks offerings include Hosted PBX/IP Centrex, BusinessTrunking, IP dial tone and Class features, and enhanced overlay services for wireless users. The LotusWorks Access Mediation Server (AMS) is an optional
ancillary server that enables support of Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) devices that are commonly deployed and in use in many small, medium, and large enterprise environments.
The AMS delivers support for SCCP devices on LotusWorks with unmatched interoperability, back office capabilities, redundancy, and scalability. LotusWorks is deployed in most incumbent networks worldwide, offering carriers the most innovative VoIP applications and a compelling return on investment.
The AMS is introduced in Release 16.sp1 and is easily integrated into an existing LotusWorks system running either Release 14.sp9 or Release 16. To support SCCP devices using the AMS, LotusWorks must be deployed with the Xtended Services Platform (XSP) and the Profile Server (PS).