Mobile Centrex


LotusCom C5 Mobile Centrex is a turn-key solution for providing hosted PBX and line-replacement services for businesses.
  • Full-featured hosted PBX service for mobile operators
  • Meets specific customers’ needs by creating individual service packages
  • Managed soft-client and device portfolio
  • Centralized system and device management
  • Web-based customer self service
  • Maximizes infrastructure by delivering convergence of voice and data
  • Standard based and scalable
  • Carrier-grade reliability and availability

Deliver new services to the mobile market

Enter the rapidly growing mobile market and offer SME customers a complete solution that answers all their telephony needs. LotusCom C5 Mobile Centrex opens new options that can increase both your profit and your customer loyalty. You can sell the extensive suite of services as a bundle or you can customize the packages to meet a specific business needs. Either way, new services means new sources of revenue for you.

Deliver converged services

Capture local and long distance call minutes, voice mail, and internet access. By offering converged voice and data services, you leverage broadband access, decrease churn, stabilize revenue, and squeeze out service providers who offer only one or the other.
Save cost and maintenance of multiple and redundant voice and data infrastructures and the expenses associated with equipment peering. By leveraging your existing infrastructure with standard based, grow-as-you-go LotusCom C5 equipment, you maximize profit and minimize OPEX and CAPEX.

 Simplify system management

Integrated, centralized system management puts you in control and saves you OPEX. Using the system’s web-based Customer Self-care interface, your user can independently manage and configure their services, relieving you of basic, repetitive and costly maintenance. What’s left can be done from the comfort of a single office.

 Satisfy your business customers

Offer your business customers a single, unified numbering plan. A single numbering plan simplifies integration of remote locations, helps ensure continuity of service when moving, and saves them time.
Then, point out the rich suite of features. LotusCom C5 Mobile Centrex delivers a software based attendant console for use with standard GSM phones as well as auto attendant service, ad-hoc conference service, voice mail and user presence functionality. Direct Dial-in (DDI) enables a user to dial directly from a public network to any PBX internal subscriber.
Finally, remind them that their services are delivered by one provider. Businesses prefer a single point-of-contact because that focuses communication.