Residential VoIP


LotusCom C5 Residential is a turn-key solution that enables service providers to deliver bundled services to customers.
  • Carrier-grade reliability and availability
  • Standard based and scalable
  • Extends the customer base by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Maximizes infrastructure by delivering convergence of voice and data
  • Web-based customer self service
  • Comprehensive and centralized system management
  • Extensive features-suite including DDI, CLIR, CLIP, Call Waiting, Voice Mail and more

Expands your services and profit

Deliver the complete bundle of residential services and watch your profits rise. LotusCom C5 Residential enables you to capture local and long distance call minutes, voice mail, and internet access. By offering converged voice and data services, you squeeze out service providers who offer only one or the other.

Speeds up time-to-market

Fast delivery puts you in the lead. With LotusCom C5 Residential integrated system and device management, your rollout of new services and time-to-market is as quick as possible. At the same time, by leveraging your existing infrastructure with standard based, grow-as-you-go LotusCom C5 equipment, you maximize profit and minimize OPEX and CAPEX.

Expands and secures your customer base

More services means more customers. Equally important, LotusCom C5 Residential helps you keep both your established and your new customers. Customers prefer having services delivered by a single provider because that focuses communication on a single address at a single phone number. That focus minimizes churn.

Increases customer satisfaction

Convenient self-management increases customer satisfaction. The easy-to-master web-based system enables customers to customize, personalize and organize their service without having to contact the service provider. This increases their sense of control and, ultimately, their ability to get what they want out of the service.

Simplifies system management

Integrated system and device management, including management of IADs (Integrated Access Devices) and soft-phones, puts you in control and saves you OPEX. Plus, it’s all centralized and remote. Manage the entire system from the comfort of an office.